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Our mission is to amplify the fans' voice - but what does that mean?

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We use LPFC as a platform to multiply your opinion, so it's heard by other community members, the Linkin Park staff or even the band members. But most importantly we want you to feel at home here. With a combination of the latest news, fan reviews, and community features, we hope you can find everything Linkin Park related in one place.

We are the official Linkin Park Ambassadors for the USA, Portugal and Germany. 

Feel free to contact us in case you have feedback, ideas or questions!

The LPFC Team

Ever wondered who keeps LPFC running? Here are photos, bios and social media links of all the LPFC staff members!


Admin/Owner, German Ambassador
Hi everyone! Most of you know me as Adie, since that was my username for a long time, but my real name is Melissa, I'm 32 and from Germany. I am the owner and admin of Linkin Park Fan Corner, which means that I don't only write articles here, but also plan the different online events, contests, etc. and decide the direction of the blog with support of my team. LPFancorner is the username of LPFC on pretty much all social media accounts. I've also founded my own music magazine called GENRE IS DEAD which you can find at Before that, I've freelanced for some other music magazines and interviewed all sorts of bands, such as Linkin Park (woohoo), Enter Shikari, Stick to your guns, We Are Scientists. I've been a fan of Linkin Park since 2005 but joined the online community actively after the release of A Thousand Suns and became an LPU member during LPU11. Fortunately I'm not the lone wolf running a blog for myself here, but a part of a big community - the greatest community ever: the Linkin Park Fan Community! The philosophy of LPFC - the mere reason it exists - is to support the communication in the community and to amplify the fans' voice so that it's heard not only by other fans, but also by Linkin Park crew members and even Linkin Park band members. A huge help to achieve this, is my international team. I'm very happy to have those amazing people in my team and Linkin Park is very lucky to have them as fans! They are on the scene to report about concerts, meet and greets, summits and other Linkin Park related events. In addition, they all manage a certain topic/ressort here on LPFC or have other special tasks.


Admin, US Ambassador
I’m a Street Soldier with a love for animals and an insatiable wanderlust, exploring the world one Summit at a time. I grew my Soldier wings at the very beginning and I am proud to have been able to grow with this band as they did. Because of them, I’ve met some of the greatest people and seen some of the most stunning places. I enjoy writing, a then-secret passion of mine. Essays, speeches, stories, you name it. I enjoy drawing in charcoal and working on mixed media. I like organizing projects as small as getting a fellow Soldier a farewell gift from fans to supporting Music for Relief- all this while still catching every episode of Seinfeld re-runs and watching Lord of the Rings every weekend (party hard, yo.) I look forward to sharing experiences with my team and yourselves! You can find me babbling on Twitter and posting photos of my pets and adventures on Instagram under @nlopezdearenosa as well as LPU!


Graphic Design, Social Media: Instagram
Hey there, my name is Lizzi and I live in the beautiful United Kingdom. Originally I am from Germany where I spent 23 years of my life. You may know me from the LPU Chat or have heard some of the Linkin Park mash ups I’ve created (LP/The Raid Mash up, Living Things Mash up, etc.). My love for Linkin Park started back in 2001 when I had seen the One Step Closer music video for the very first time on German television. Mike scared the shit out of me. But I loved it! So each time I heard the song I loved them more and more and they quickly became my favourite band. I have to thank Linkin Park for lots of things. They encouraged me to learn another language to understand their lyrics. They made me discover and improve my art and music skills. They were there when other people weren’t. I could always rely on them and their music’s ability to cheer me up at any point of my life. I have been to 7 concerts so far, including the smaller show in Berlin, Germany, 2012. As a music and art addict I am very excited to be responsible for the creative content for the LPFC and I cannot wait to show you all the gems I can find!


Web Support, LPU News
Hello there! My name is Paul (commonly known as PaulGardinerLP) and I am 27. I’m here to bring you news from the Linkin Park Underground (the offical fan club). I have been a dedicated Linkin Park fan since the vintage days of Hybrid Theory. In fact I recall the day I discovered them: watching The Box (music video channel) and a song called ‘Crawling’ had come on. I was amazed by the blond spiky haired guys’ vocals! Since that day I have seen Linkin Park live on four occasions and met them on one. The most memorable of them being: Projekt Revolution at the Milton Keynes Bowl in 2008 (Road to Revolution) and at the LG Arena, Birmingham in 2010 where I was lucky enough to be selected for a Meet & Greet! I can’t even find the words to describe how awesome the M&G was so I will leave that to your imagination! Being a regular visitor to LP fan sites, I have warmed to the idea of becoming a member of one; helping spread news to the masses.


Editor, Portuguese Ambassador
Addicted to my FRIENDS, my FAMILY, MUSIC, FOOD, WINE & TRAVELLING. Working in Social Media, I LOVE to communicate in any possible way. in love w/ Linkin Park Music in general, Music Festivals and all sorts of live shows are my main passion. I can't say I'm an old school, hard-core Linkin Park Fan. Listening to them since One Step Closer, they've really conquered my respect as artists with time. So after A Thousand Suns (I love that album) I decided to redeem myself by sneaking into their fanclub - the one and only LPU. AND I GOT ADDICTED TO IT! Amazing shows, amazing people, creativity at its best. That's what Linkin Park means to me. Their effort on climate change issues and the way they relate to people make me BELIEVE!


Hi Guys! My name’s Jack and I am 16. I have been a huge Linkin Park fan since 2004 when I first heard Breaking The Habit and LP have been my favorite band ever since! I started to engage myself with the online community heavily around 2010 and have been a member of Linkin Park Underground since LPU11. You can often find me commenting on the blurb section on LPU or in the LPU chat. I love LP for many reasons but one of the main one’s being that I have made so many awesome friends because of the band! Also, if I had to pick a favorite album it would be Meteora, but I like them all so much! Besides LP I love watching films and hanging out with friends.


News Writer
Hi! I’m Raissa, 28 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. I’ve been part of the LPU since only 2012, but I’m already a fan of Linkin Park since 2000. So basically, I grew up with Linkin Park; from an annoying, grumpy teenager to this weirdo crazy “adult” that I am now. Being a part of LPU has opened up my world with meeting so many other awesome Linkin Park fans, as well as fan sites of Linkin Park, of which of course this particular site. I’m very happy and grateful to be joining the amazing team of LPFC as a writer. Apart from working as a teacher of Chinese and English and in between travelling, sports and going to concerts/festivals, I hope to provide you with as much up to date Linkin Park news as possible! ^^


News Writer
Hi soldiers! My name is Vinícius, but everyone calls me Vini. I am 26 and live in São Paulo, Brazil. Happy to say that LPFC has gotten a team member from South America! I first listened to Linkin Park in 2002 with In the End. Back in the day, I didn't know who they were and wasn't into music, but that special song stuck with me for a little while. It wasn't until late 2004 that I fell in love with Breaking the Habit, bought Live in Texas, and became a die-hard fan. In 2010, a dream came true: I was studying abroad in London, and two gigs plus the first LPU Summit were announced! My introduction to their live show couldn't have been better. Apart from Linkin Park, my other passion is the football team Palmeiras, which I attend pretty much every match at Allianz Parque.


Social Media: Tumblr
Hey all! I’m Angelique Stegeman, aka Devilique on LPU, aka Angie. I’m from the Netherlands and live in Amsterdam. I’m running the Linkin Park Fan Corner page on Tumblr. I post all things LP related and make the word go around on the Tumblr community. I’ve been using Tumblr for myself for some years now so I’ll get in the depths of it for LP! My LP interest started with the vague memory of seeing that flying whale in the “In The End” music video. I was quite amazed and the music was incredible surrounding of that. I can’t say I’ve been an extreme non-stop fan but they’ve always been in my daily music preferences (especially on the bike!). I love how Linkin Park is dedicated to their fans, and that’s damn obvious from starting the Linkin Park Underground. And when I decided to join the LPU in 2012 I really wished I had joined sooner! I fell in love with the community! So much love given and being received not only from LP to their fans and fans to LP but also from fans to other fans. Such awesome people and I grew an even bigger fan from it!