3 thoughts on “Review: Linkin Park – iHeart Radio Festival by Sean Paden (Brad’s Guitar Tech)

  1. it was really interesting review,It was huge but worth reading,I’ve to say many things,I read it because brad is my most fav guy from the band,then all are equal for me.One thing> “We’ve the best crew in the world”,+ there is no other band alive in this world,who can perform better than Linkin park

  2. I had the amazing opportunity to attend this show in the front row, also meeting the band and embarrassing myself on the tables with Joe Hahn in the morning. I have to say that this was the best show I have ever been to, and their set was the highlight of the weekend. Sound was spot on, and you could tell they were enjoying every moment of it. Tell Joe thanks for the opportunity to hang with him and that the tables are in good care!!