26 thoughts on “Discussion: Is Linkin Park Still A Band?

      • I feel what he’s trying to say, is that Linkin Park have always been a business and a brand. They’re excellent at creating music, hell…they have a ridiculous ear for crafting catchy rock hits. But every detail down to their public image, their art aesthetic, their marketing, merchandise, endeavors and projects have created a ‘brand’. They are known for their incredible business savvy and business acumen. It’s how Brad helped found Bandmerch with his father, how Linkin Park managed to negotiate a new contract with Warner in 2007 despite only having two records at the time. They’re geniuses, and more importantly they surround themselves with people who are excellent in their field. They have a top notch publicity team, great laywers and advisors, and a very dedicated team at Machine Shop. Since day one they’ve handled their band like a business, and the results have paid off in dividends.

    • Joe Gagliano

      Sure. They are a collective of 6 ridiculously talented minds that are always creating and reevaluating everything they do. This goes from music to art to what ever other business ventures that comes their way. Their willingness to succeed in everything they do is evident in everything they’ve done.

  1. Orena Bitri

    When I think of Linkin Park, I think of six amazing guys that matured not only in age, but also in a creative way, to become these incredible artists they are now. I think of them not only as musicians, but also as husbands and dads, and most importantly, people. LP is this band with these six guys, but on a wider view, LP are like a big family, because they keep us close like no other band does, they appreciate us, and they’re aware of the fact that we are the reason they are on that side of the camera. Needless to say, I’m so proud to be part of the family, and to be an LP soldier!

  2. Umang Sthapit

    If some group of people makes a record…play live in a schedule doesnt that make them a band? the other projects are their extra work.It won’t suffer them they are doing stuffs like Music for relief since 2004 and other bands who started with them are on hiatus while LP is still going strong.

  3. Towfiq Rahman

    Linkin Park is a band and my life! Linkin Park always finds a way to make new music and creativeness is limitless the like of mike and chester and rest of the crew are too good to be not calling a band. If there business involved why not at the end it will fund linkin park!

  4. Linkin Park Fan Corner

    But the blog wasn’t just about merchandise. Every band does that. Linkin Park are clearly walking a special path with founding a venture capital firm investing in start ups, etc. that’s way more than other artists do. It’s definitely interesting to see what will happen in the next few months

  5. Anindya Ghosh

    Simply saying, I don’t know why, but year by year their songs are losing the very agression (say, compare #Crawling with #Roads_Untravelled), which made them famous.

  6. Pou Ya

    I think they’re going to lose their band position, I’m a hardcore lp fan but this is the wrong way. I hope that they back to HT years.